Explore Cornerstone’s crops

and learn how our home in the Yakima Valley provides the perfect conditions for growing exceptional produce.



In the Heart of Yakima Valley

Cornerstone Ranches sits in one of the most celebrated farming regions on the West Coast – the beautiful Yakima River Valley. Fed by fresh Cascade mountain water, volcanic soil, and over three hundred days of Pacific Northwest sunshine every year, our crops just taste better.

Cornerstone Crops are…


Cornerstone is committed to the highest safety standards and is the longest running certified hop farm in the Global G.A.P. program.


Cornerstone produce is synonymous with quality, having been featured in hundreds of award winning products.

Highly Rated

Cornerstone produce is consistently selected by the
top 1% of product manufacturers in their respective industries.

Look for the Seal

Look for the Cornerstone seal on your favorite beers to know that you’re getting the highest quality.

Interested in Learning More About What Makes Cornerstone Different?

A Passion for the Land

Cornerstone is sustainable for our future. A lot has been made of sustainable farming over the last decade. Here’s how we’re living out our values:

Our sustainable farming techniques:

Renewable Power Sources

Our farm runs on power supplied by companies that utilize renewable energy sources, reducing our carbon footprint and supporting a cleaner, healthier planet.

Intelligent Water Usage

Cornerstone Ranches leads the way in sustainable water practices, conserving our precious natural resources for future generations to come.

Refreshing the Land

As responsible stewards of the land, we’re committed to preserving its natural beauty. Sustainable practices ensure we maintain and enhance the vitality of the land for years to come.

Food Safety Commitment

We take pride in being one of the longest-running GLOBAL G.A.P. certified hop farms and are committed to safe and sustainable agricultural practices.