Craft is Freedom

It’s not just a slogan, it’s a way
of thinking about our work that prioritizes quality over quantity and makes passion the primary ingredient in great products.

What Defines “Craft”

It’s more than a label. When we say “craft” we mean that Cornerstone produce is grown with four values in mind:


Our Commitments to quality. We follow through on our promises driving trust with consistency.


Passion sets us apart. We love working with the land and we make better crops because of it.


Independence is key. In order to cultivate the best hops you have to be able to make honest decisions.


Diversity makes us stronger. We welcome differing ideas, beliefs, and personalities, and believe this mindset is essential for producing exceptional hops.

Helping Brewers Better Tell Their Stories by Leveraging Ours

The ‘Craft is Freedom’ project aims to make sure consumers appreciate the commitment to excellence brewers have made by selecting Cornerstone hops from Washington State’s renowned Yakima Valley to bring their vision to life. When discerning beer drinkers want to support independent farms and ensure their next pint was made with the highest quality ingredients, they can look for the ‘Craft is Freedom’ seal on packaging – from grocery shelf to tap.

Graham Gamache

Fifth Generation Owner, Cornerstone Ranches

“Craft is about more than independence from big corporations or private equity. It’s rooted in the passion that comes when your mission represents more than just money. It’s about the freedom to take risks and the excitement that comes from building something new.

It’s an idea that was embraced by the craft beer movement, but isn’t exclusive to it and has been central to the way we think about growing the world’s best produce for over a century.”


Want to add the Cornerstone Seal to your
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