Our History

five Generations of Family Farming

Cornerstone Ranches has been a core part of the Yakima Valley agricultural community for over a century.

During that time, the Cornerstone brand has come to symbolize the area’s reputation for the highest quality hops and other regional produce in the world.

Origins of the Ranch

Origins of the Ranch

Settling the Yakima Valley

Newly arrived French Canadian immigrants, Charles and Hermaline Gamache, arrive in the Yakima Valley in 1897 along with other hop farmers supporting the country’s newly burgeoning domestic beer industry.

Origins of the Ranch

Agricultural Development

The Gamache family plays a critical role in developing the Selah-Moxee Canal – a project which expanded the reach of Cascade Mountain runoff to the Yakima Valley’s agricultural region and turned it into a hub for Pacific Northwest produce.

Growing the Yakima Brand

Growing the Yakima Brand

Building a Reputation

Cornerstone becomes an anchor of the local agricultural community, as a main supplier of hops for large-scale brewing operations ranging from Molson Coors to Anheuser-Busch.

Growing the Yakima Brand

Defining an Industry

Continued improvements in growing practices soon set it apart and help turn the Pacific Northwest into one of the most in-demand hop growing regions in the world.

The Craft Beer Revolution

A Revolution in Beer

As consumers grow a taste for more complex flavors, the farm’s hops become a Cornerstone of the craft beer revolution, where it spawns over 70 award-winning brews.

Craft is freedom!

Today, Graham Gamache proudly carries on his family, brand, and region’s legacy as one of the most trusted producers of Yakima Valley produce in the world. 

As one of the region’s last remaining independent farms, Cornerstone Ranches remains committed to advocating for the Yakima Valley for decades to come.